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7/8″ Handle, 2 1/2″ Barrel and a Traditional Knob

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The new, MERC ELITE T6 is made from the best possible maple! The quality rivals any bat on the market! This bat is best for the professional, college and amateur players that are facing higher velocity pitching and expect results. If you are able to feel the difference between wood levels, this bat is for you.

The MERC ELITE T6 model features medium barrel, with a long taper and a medium-to-thin handle. This bat is well balanced and has a slightly heavier feel. This bat is cupped. Although this model is an easy bat to control for an average to stronger player and we recommend it for all level of play, the ELITE maple is designed to perform for players with higher than average bat speed and against higher velocity pitching.

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32", 33", 34"



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