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The NEW MERC PRO 271 model is made from an even higher quality billets than our previous PRO maple bats!

The MERC PRO maple bats rival any bat on the market in it's price-range and most bats available at major chain stores that you would pay twice the cost of this bat! The MERC PRO 271 is best for the high school, youth, adult league and amateur players that are facing velocities up to the 85mph range and expect results (although the bat has been used versus even higher velocity pitchers and responded! The ball simply jumps off this bat.

The 271 turn is our most popular model - as well as one of the most popular models among professional hitters. The large barrel, long taper and medium-to-thin handle with a tapered knob makes this bat very easy to swing and control through the hitting zone. The balanced design creates a very fast swing with a whipping action that is great for every hitting style and level of experience, including experienced hitters, younger players and hitters that are new to using a wood bat. This bat is cupped.

The MERC PRO 271 model features a 2 1/2" barrel, 6" parallel wall and a long taper to a medium-to-thin handle (15/16") creating a very well-balanced bat making the 271 a very easy bat to get into the hitting zone, maintain your path and make adjustments.

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Black, Cherry, Cherry/Brown, Cherry/Natural, White/LtBlue Ltd Edition, White/Orange Ltd Edition


31", 32", 33", 34"

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