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I started KPerformance Baseball because I wanted to bring my unique coaching style and approach to players who wanted more than the just the standardized instruction/coaching technique. I have a different approach to coaching. When my athletes fail, I teach them why they made the mistake and how to make the proper adjustments to be successful. I teach my athletes that failure is an opportunity to improve.

I believe that one of the most under taught aspects of the game is the thought process. Baseball is a mental game. It is a thinking mans game. I try to teach my athletes at an early age how to play the game from the mind of a former professional player.

What you are anticipating and how you react, before you even try to make a move, is just as important as the play itself. This is what the best players do. Baseball is a game that requires many skills. You must be athletic and know how to make constant adjustments in your game.

Through my 50 yeas of experiences as a player, coach, and instructor I have developed the sound fundamentals that every player must posses to be successful

Why do some players get to the next level and others don't? Having talent, passion, mental toughness, great instincts, luck and love of the game are qualities that make a great player. I find very few players have all these necessary qualities. I try to instill these qualities in all my athletes. Keeping my players motivated and thinking positive is my goal.

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