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Professional Instruction


My Philosophy

I started KPerformance Baseball because I wanted to bring my unique coaching style and approach to players who wanted more than the just the standardized instruction/coaching technique. I have a different approach to coaching. When my athletes fail, I teach them why they made the mistake and how to make the proper adjustments to be successful. I teach my athletes that failure is an opportunity to improve.

I believe that one of the most under taught aspects of the game is the thought process. Baseball is a mental game. It is a thinking mans game. I try to teach my athletes at an early age how to play the game from the mind of a former professional player.

Mark J. Cahill

  • Player Profile
    He signed a professional baseball contract with the Seattle Mariners in 1979. He played 6 years of minor league baseball.
  • Coaching Profile
    He coached at Brown University from 1987-1990. 15 plus years coaching Youth Elite Travel Teams.
  • Scouting Profile
    He has been a professional scout for the last 12 years, currently with the Arizona Diamondbacks.
  • Business Profile
    He was the owner and operator of the RI Baseball Institute from 1992-2013. He currently is the owner of KPerformance Baseball and President of Sales and Marketing for the MercBat Company.