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Hitting Instruction

Develop Your Swing

Hitting InstructionWe love power too! Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about becoming a better and more complete hitter… It doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself a power hitter or a contact hitter, there are some basic fundamentals that must be met to get the most out of your body and swing.

Our goal is to identify flaws in a hitter’s mechanics then help them apply the appropriate corrections based on their natural ability. If you can’t make consistent solid contact, it doesn’t matter how far you can hit a ball. Also, it doesn’t matter if you never miss, if you are topping balls or struggling to get it out of the infield, we will help you recognize and implement the adjustments necessary to get you hitting the way you know you can. We all have different flexibility and restrictions, strengths and weakness, open or closed stance preferences, stride or no-stride, etc. There is a swing that is perfect for you and our job is to help you find it!

We assess the player and design a sequence of drills to address the swing while building a foundation that allows you to grow as a hitter as you physically grow and progress through the ranks from youth ball, through high school and beyond. Do we want you to hit more homeruns? Of course! But not at the expense of quality at-bats.

The most important part of success is the effort between lessons, practices and games!

Coach Mark Cahill’s combined over 40 years of playing, instruction, coaching and scouting experience along with his desire to continue to learn as technology impacts the way hitters get the most out of their abilities has had an enormous impact on a significant number of players reaching their baseball goals. Are you next?

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