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HitTrax – KPerformance Baseball

Hit beyond the cage! A powerful combination of analytics and entertainment that has never before been available to indoor facilities. With HitTrax, players are further engaged, in-depth performance reports are generated, and facilities can organize hitting leagues, tournaments & home run derbys, and bring the excitement of the outdoor game into the facility.
Features-Real-Time Statistics with Visual Feedback. In-Depth Reporting Module for Hitters & Pitchers. Remote Access to Statics via HitTrax Stats Center. Player rankings (Local & National). Adaptable to all Skill Levels: Little League to Professional.
Capabilities- Baseball and Softball, operates off of live pitching, machines, soft toss, and batting tee. Portable with small footprint. Set up in minutes, 110 MPH+ measurements and Accuracy to +/- 1 MPH.