Local Baseball Equipment Company Offers High Quality for Affordable Prices

Merc Bat Company, run by local baseball coach Mark Cahill, is offering high quality baseball equipment at affordable rates.

The Merc Bat Company, founded by local Cranston RI businessman Mark Mercurio of Go East Promotional Products, has new leadership. K Performance owner, Cranston native, and respected baseball coach Mark Cahill is now the President of Sales and Marketing for the Rhode Island based sporting goods company. Coach Cahill intends to bring his 40 plus years of baseball knowledge and experience to Merc Bat Company to promote the products to local schools, youth organizations, and professional ball players.
The baseball bats in the photos provided are just a few examples of the product lines. "We have a few different quality bats available," said Cahill in a recent interview at Lischio Field prior to a local under-18 baseball practice. "The Elite bat sells for $80. You are going to need that kind of quality bat if you are facing kids throwing in the 80 to 90 and above range in terms of miles per hour." In addition to the Elite series, Merc offers a Pro line which according to Cahill "is designed for less than 80 mph or more for the youth and travel team players."
At the time of our interview, Cahill was working with a few local sporting goods retailers such as Elmwood Sports on stocking the Merc Bats. "We have all of our product available right now here in RI at our Warwick distribution center. I can have customers pickup or we can arrange to have the bats delivered if need be." Coach Cahill also mentioned that the Merc Bat Company sells a premium baseball, which he said was "just a better baseball, high durability, has a great feel to it," which "pitchers love to throw and hitters love to drive." The Merc Bat Company baseball meets all NFHS (National Federation High School) standards for quality. I asked Mark about what Merc Bat Company can offer the baseball consumer. Coach Cahill replied confidently, "A high quality product at an affordable price, that's our goal at Merc Bat Company."

For product information, pricing, and to place your order visit The Merc Bat Company at www.mercbatco.com

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