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Pitching Instruction

Dominate The Bump

Pitching InstructionNot everyone is the same. Not everyone should pitch the exact same way. There are some basic fundamentals that must be met to raise our ceiling but we can’t create clone pitchers! The goal is to identify flaws in a pitcher’s mechanics then help them apply the appropriate corrections based on their natural ability. Natural ability does not mean, ‘how hard can a player throw?.

It refers to each individual’s physical strengths and weaknesses, flexibility and restrictions, etc. Almost all players and parents come in and say they want pitching instruction to attain a higher velocity. That may be part of the goal. However, how many times have you seen the faster pitchers get hit extremely hard – especially at the higher levels.

The most important part of success is the effort between lessons, practices and games!

Coach Mark Cahill’s combined over 40 years of pitching, instruction, coaching and scouting experience along with his desire to continue to learn as technology impacts the way pitchers get the most out of their mechanics has had an enormous impact on a significant number of pitchers reaching their goals. Are you next?