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The 2018 MERC PRO 243 model is made from an even higher quality billets than our previous PRO maple bats!!

The 243 model has a large, long barrel (larger sweet spot) and a medium-to-thin handle (increased bat whip). This bat is for the experienced, stronger player looking to drive the ball with a greater launch angle and increased distance. This bat is cupped.

The MERC ELITE 243 model features a 2 5/8" barrel size, 7" parallel wall, and a pronounced negative taper to a medium-to-thin handle which causes this bat to be top loaded with a larger sweet spot. This will increase launch angle and maximize power. Younger players may have a hard time controlling this bat through the hitting zone. This bat is for the experienced player that is strong enough to control the barrel before and through contact. This bat is cupped.

To maximize this bat's potential, players should be able to handle a bat that has a slightly heavier feel. This bat is best for high school, amateur and adult league players that can control the path of a top-heavy bat to and through contact.

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Black, Cherry, Cherry/Brown, Natural/Cherry, White/LtBlue Ltd Edition, White/Orange Ltd Edition


31", 32", 33", 34"

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