MERC PRO NFHS Baseball (dozen)



MERC Baseballs - The Natural Choice

The  MERC PRO NFHS Certified Baseball is designed to perform at the high school level and can be used for youth leagues looking for a ball that will last as it is re-purposed.
This premium leather baseball has a high quality wrap, premium low stitch, a very tight winding and a medium raised seam ensuring longevity and performance. The PRO baseball, like the ELITE, was tested against some of the most popular NFHS baseballs and met or exceeded them all on each and every test!

Leather: Premium Cowhide

Winding: Gray Wool - 85-90% wool versus the industry standard, less than 50%.

Seams: Medium Raised

MERC baseballs were recently tested at the factories against some of the most popular (and more expensive) NFHS baseballs in our area.  We are proud to report that the PRO met or exceeded its competition in every test!

For team or dealer orders, contact Mark Cahill, President of Sales & Marketing, at

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